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Please join us for our Annual General Meeting (AGM), to review local plans, operating  budget, project highlights, and future initiatives to benefit your business and the business area.

The West Broadway BIA virtual AGM takes place on Wednesday, September 13th at 6:30pm.  Connect with Kits merchants and community partners, provide input and discuss exciting projects ahead.  Please RSVP here.


Click here for 2022-23 project highlights, community partners, resources, and exciting upcoming initiatives.


Click here for the AGM package including agenda, financials, proposed budget, and membership form which must be completed to vote at the AGM.  Click here for audited financial statements.




We were grateful for the opportunity to present to the Phoenix Group about local developments and advocacy, including commercial property assessments and taxes – emphasizing that we need policies that work for both tenants and local commercial property owners.

Many local commercial property owners are also independent business owners, and have family roots in the community, and own the property through years of sacrifice.

Across the city and beyond, there are “hot spot” properties (typically a single-storey building or a building below development potential)  being taxed a much  higher commercial tax rate for “air space”, i.e. development potential, that doesn’t exist!

Removing triple net lease will not solve the issue – the base rent would have to go up.  Why?  Not all property owners can afford to develop and they certainly can’t afford the exorbitant commercial tax bills.  The independent property owner will have to sell their property, and the community will lose the local property owner, and the venue that provides a home for local businesses.

Development should happen in balance and when possible, and property owners shouldn’t be forced to develop or sell.  There are many wonderful developments in the area, built by family developers that have the capacity to develop, and have contributed to the area as merchants and community members.

We are advocating for solutions that assess commercial “hot spot” properties differently and work for both local businesses and property owners, as their success and survival is inextricably linked.  In doing so, we can protect local businesses, properties and property owners that provide local amenities, jobs and social connections.  We are all in this together.

Please click here for a copy of the presentation.




Partnership makes things possible!  We are excited to develop various campaigns in partnership with Vancouver BIAs – some of which have been implemented across Canada, and the sharing of ideas and initiatives has been a two-way highway 😉

The Vancouver BIA Partnership consists of 22 BIAs in the city.  The marketing committee is co-chaired by the West 4th BIA and West Broadway BIA, and we also participate on the policy and planning committee, and advocacy committee.

For more details about collaborative initiatives, click here for our BIABC conference presentation.

A BIG thanks to colleagues across the city and beyond for their collaboration, hard work and dedication to making a positive impact in local communities.




Over the coming months, the Speaking of Vancouver series of community forums will provide opportunities for Vancouverites to speak up about timely and topical issues impacting our city and its residents and neighbourhoods.

On March 3rd, from 4 pm to 6 pm, join Councillors Sarah Kirby-Yung, Lisa Dominato, and Rebecca Bligh for a virtual open forum on public safety in Vancouver.

Moderated by Ria Renouf, you’ll hear perspectives from panelists Howard Chow, Deputy Chief of the VPD; Guy Felicella, Harm Reduction & Recovery Advocate and Nolan Marshall, President & CEO of the DVBIA. This is an open session to provide an opportunity for residents to voice concerns about public safety, share experiences and hear from others.

* Register for the virtual forum here




The BIABC Community Wellness Sub-Committee is addressing crime and safety issues in business areas, and we want your business voice to be heard.

BIAs work hard to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive places for all.  The committee is raising concerns about the deterioration of public safety in municipalities across the province.  We want to be engaged in this important dialogue and also be part of the solution, and your input is essential to making positive changes.

Recently the BC Urban Mayors’ Caucus renewed its urgent call to implement complex care housing solutions. BIABC and the BC Chamber of Commerce endorsed the Mayors’ call in a joint statement.

Please click here for more information, key messages, and government contacts for you to send any comments and concerns.




Together, we look forward to planning the next 5-year term, building on what has been done and implementing valuable initiatives to support local businesses and the business area.  Please click here for our renewal presentation.


Highlights and Resources:


From lowering business taxes and advocating for COVID economic relief measures, to promoting the area and enhancing the street – there are many initiatives to support local businesses through challenging times.  Check out how we maximize one of the smallest BIA budgets in the City (as a newer BIA relative to others), through creativity and collaborative efforts.  We can do even more for local businesses in the next 5-year term.  



2019-20 project highlights, community partners and upcoming initiatives.


The next 5-year term opportunities for businesses and the area, budget options, and BIG benefits from a small increase in resources.


AGM agenda, financials, proposed budget, membership forms. Click here for City of Vancouver renewal correspondence. Click here for full audited financial statements.



BIA Renewal Survey


What can help your business / commercial property?  What is important for the business area?  This short but important survey should take under 5 minutes to complete, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to a local merchant!   We appreciate your time and valuable input.


Why provide input?


The Business Association has operated with limited resources over the last 4 years to promote and enhance the area.  Valuable initiatives include: advocacy (lowering property/business taxes and other measures to support businesses), street lighting, banners, digital marketing, promotions, events, info updates, and community partnerships.

Building on what’s been done, your input is essential to develop plans and budget for the BIA’s next 5-year term, 2021-2026.  We welcome you to provide input at anytime.  Contact us for a phone call or meeting, or attend a future Board meeting.  For more info, please contact info@kitsonbroadway.com or 778-384-6377.


BIA Projects:

Click here for West Broadway BIA project highlights and descriptions.


COVID-19 Updates: Support & Resources for Small Businesses


We are actively collaborating with business organizations and advocating to all levels of government on response and recovery efforts.  We are in this together, and it’s encouraging to see how communities are connecting, taking positive action and providing hope. We will continue to update this information, and we wish you good health.


Announcements of Municipal and Provincial Support:


Announcements of Federal Support:

Key Resources for Businesses:

Please click here for more information about COVID-19 and resources, and see below for key resources for businesses.




COVID-19 Advocacy for Small Businesses – Response & Recovery 













As part of the Vancouver BIA Partnership, we are participating on the COVID-19 Vancouver BIAs task force, and Marketing and Revitalization committee, to advocate for support for business and property owners, and develop reopening initiatives.

In addition, the lobbying efforts that Vancouver BIAs and BCRFA have achieved for restaurants include: wholesale hospitality pricing on alcohol; first industry sector to be reopened due to the “blueprint” created by a restaurant task force; alcohol allowed to be included in take-out menus, and relaxation of the 50% capacity.

Click here for our presentation to City Council’s COVID economic recovery committee regarding priority asks to support businesses and business areas across the City.

We greatly appreciate the assistance and collaboration with all levels of government, to support our local businesses and communities.

  • Save Small Business Petition:

    • A grassroots coalition of small businesses across Canada. Sign the petition to support small businesses, and submit your story about how COVID-19 is impacting your business.
  • Advocacy for Municipal Support: 

    • The Vancouver BIA partnership, representing 22 BIAs across the city, have requested immediate relief for businesses and a municipal recovery strategy, and we are being heard.  Requests are being implemented, including deferral of property taxes and other fees.
    • West Broadway BIA letter advocating for flexible, innovative and expedited patio permitting that will remove impediments to business operations, and facilitate social connections and spaces while maintaining safety protocols. (April 29)
    • Vancouver BIA Partnership letter following up on measures to support small businesses in the near and long-term, noting priority issues and proposed solutions. (March 31)
    • Vancouver BIA Partnership letter for supportive measures and policies for Vancouver’s retail sector. (May 13)
    • Vancouver BIA Partnership letter regarding BIAs and City to work together to identify the needs and opportunities within business areas for public space interventions to expand and support commercial activity, and enhance the comfort and safety of customers. (May 13)
  • Advocacy for Provincial and Federal Support:

    • We area also advocating through BIABC, representing over 60 BIAs across the province, for support at the provincial level.
    • BIABC letter to Premier Horgan with 8 key requests for small business support. (March 27)
    • BIABC letter to Minister Mike Farnworth advocating for safety and security measures for small businesses and law enforcement. (March 31)
    • BIABC letter to provincial ministers advocating for 4 key areas of support, including commercial rent relief, financial aid and not debt deferral, technology development funding, and involvement in the economic recovery task force. (April 20)
    • West Broadway BIA letter to Ministers and MLAs to implement the hospitality pricing model, which will help to reduce costs for restaurants in BC and aid in their survival. (May 11)
    • Vancouver BIA Partnership letter sent to provincial and federal ministers regarding our recommendations for the financial assistance programs. (June 1)
      • Key points include: introducing mechanism to allow tenants to directly access funding via CECRA; increase loan/grant amounts for financial assistance programs, including forgivable portion of CEBA (50%); decrease the eligibility thresholds to maximize number of businesses that can access funding (70% too high for CECRA); expand the timeframe for all funding programs past June.
    • Vancouver BIA Partnership letter sent to the Province and Mayor’s office regarding the Public Health Order on September 8th, 2020. (September 11)
  • COVID-19 Cabinet:

    • Established by the BC business community, to address the significant impacts on our economy, collectively  share information and provide a point of contact for government as it creates policies, programs and measures to support business and workers.




Share the Good News! Business are Open with Care


We are excited to share the good news and support the business area through the Open with Care campaign.  The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to shop local, and raise awareness that businesses are operating safely and with care.

For your place and posts, check out the West Broadway campaign materials that can be posted online and at your business, including main iconssocial media frameInstagram images and storydoor signsfloor decalsbuttons and translated materials.

With resilience and compassion, businesses and neighbours are not only operating with care, they are taking care of each other.

We’ll share inspirational messages and highlight the business area through window signs, media features, prizes and offers, and public art including murals and new street banners.

In collaboration with Vancouver BIAs, the West Broadway BIA is part of the BIAs marketing committee, and assisted with developing the campaign and creating the campaign website.

Special thanks to MLA David Eby and Constituency Assistant Dulcy Anderson, Mayor and Council, and CoV staff, for supporting the campaign and local business areas through visits and communications.



Participate in Masks & Meals

Masks and Meals is an initiative by the West Broadway BIA involving local merchants, social employment, recycling, PPE supplies and fundraising for a good cause!

The masks are made from recycled street banner material through a social employment collective, and retail locally with proceeds donated to the Food Bank.  Retail price is $18 plus tax, and revenue will be allocated to the retailer ($5), to the BIA to help cover the costs of the masks ($5), and to Food Bank donations ($8).

Check out the colourful assortment of masks at participating locations below!

To participate by retailing masks, please contact us. 😷💛🙌


A Hearty ‘Takeaway’ to Support Vancouver Restaurants


Breaking Bread serves as a central online hub to share which restaurants across British Columbia and beyond are offering delivery, take-out, curb-side pick-up, meal prep, grocery and more, as well as many other ways to show support.

If you’re an independent restaurant and would like to join us, sign up here.

Bon Appétit!





Love Your Neighbours 💛


Download the Business Area Contact List and Connect with Local Merchants.


Click here for the West Broadway BIA Business Directory.

The directory includes the location, website and social media contact information for 280+ local businesses in the West Broadway BIA.  Connect online and on the street!





Annual Report – Highlights & Exciting Projects Ahead!




The West Broadway Business Improvement Association is excited to provide updates about local initiatives including marketing, street beautification, safety, advocacy, and a ton of community spirit.

The business area spans from Collingwood to Larch st., and all businesses within this boundary are members of the BIA – that’s over 280 fantastic eats, shops and services along #tenblocksofheart

We’re operated by an Executive Director, and volunteer Board of local business / property owners.  As a newer BIA relative to others, we leverage our smaller budget through creative collaborations and diligent teamwork.

Click here for the 2019 Annual Report:

  • Featuring BIA info, project highlights and community partners. From lowering business taxes and promoting the area, to enhancing the street and engaging the community through events and more – there is a lot to celebrate and a lot to look forward to!

Click here for the 2019 Project List:

  • In addition to Halloween and Holiday campaigns, future projects include new street banners (Fall), a new business directory map and brochures (Winter), staff shop local program and app (Winter), and murals (Spring/Summer – building on the 4 murals and 9 art wraps installed so far!).  Also, we’re working with Emily Carr students to assist with graphic design and social media, and with Kits secondary staff and students on local initiatives.  Note: Project dates may be subject to change depending on resources and logistics.




What’s new on Broadway?!



From fantastic new merchants and promotions, to public art and other community initiatives, there’s a lot to celebrate!

Do you receive the West Broadway BIA email updates? If not, please contact us and we will add you to our confidential email list.  Stay tuned for future updates and good news to share 🙂


Market Area Profiles – Big Data for Small Businesses


A collaboration between Small Business BC, the City of Vancouver and Vancouver BIAs, Bizmap provides easy access to market data tailored to customized business districts. Presented in a clear and relatable way, the area-specific information will help local businesses, organizations, and interest groups to understand valuable information about the neighbourhood and area highlights.  Visit bizmap.ca to begin your journey into tailored market research.



VanConnect app


VanConnect app is a quick and easy way you can report public space / street issues around your business and request services from the City. 

Reporting can include sidewalk repairs, potholes, graffiti on public infrastructure, broken street lights, garbage, parking issues, etc.



  • Submit service requests anywhere, any time. Give a short description of the issue, GPS the location, and upload a photo.
  • Get updates, news, and emergency info, and find community centres, parks, road closures and more.
  • Use your GPS to get local, real-time information and events about your community.
  • Watch Council meetings, connect with Mayor and Council, view the latest news, events, and more.

If you’re on a desktop, there is also desktop reporting. In addition to the app, you can report issues and submit a service request by phone by calling 311 in Vancouver, or 604.873.7000 outside of Vancouver.



Who to Call for Help…


Contacts and Resources

Click here for a list of safety, business and community-related contacts and resources, including safety incidents and issues, graffiti removal and more.

Click here for business crime and prevention tips.




Property Assessments and Tax Advocacy



Lowering Commercial Taxes = Supporting Small Business Neighbourhoods…

We’re working hard to support small business neighbourhoods, and help shape policies that work too.  Through collaborative efforts and constructive dialogue, we’re addressing business affordability, including commercial property assessments and tax policies.

Businesses of varying sizes, commercial property owners, and residents are all part of the local economy.  Over 95% of businesses in the City have 10 employees or less, and over 84% in BC have 50 employees or less.  Many commercial property owners are also long-time small business owners, and they own their business and property through years of sacrifice.

From local business owners to property owners, both have a vested interest in the community, and contribute to the character of the neighbourhood and local community initiatives.  There are solutions that can be implemented at the municipal and provincial level, which can work for both small business owners and commercial property owners, and local residents and community development.

Our advocacy to support small business neighbourhoods includes presentations at the RAIC/MOV Built City Speaker Series events, BC Land Summit conference, and City Council hearings.

Please click here for our advocacy presentation and see links below for articles, interviews and more on the issues and solutions to shift from surviving to thriving.


Media, advocacy letters, and City Council hearing:

Advocacy presentation images: 

    • Inequitable Tax Burden: The much larger portion of taxes paid by a much smaller tax base of commercial properties
    • Really / Not Really: Misconceptions vs. reality
      • i.e. ‘Tax shifts will help big businesses’.
        • 98% of business in the City are SMALL BUSINESSES.
      • i.e.  ‘Business and property owners are rich’.
        • Business owners may barely break even, and property owners can also be small business operators.  Current taxation policies are not affordable, creating high turnover, and forcing longtime property owners to close their business and sell their property.
    • Solutions and Non-solutions
      • Municipal Solutions
        • Property assessment/land averaging (currently the City has targeted land averaging and previously it was ‘across-the-board’)
        • Shifting the inequitable tax burden.  The City approved a 2% tax shift over 3 years, which = approx. $40/year increase for the average home.
        • Revitalization tax exemptions
      • Provincial Solutions
        • Split assessment system, current use valuation for Class 5 and 6, work with municipalities to use available tools



Hollywood Theatre: The Show Will Go On!


The City of Vancouver approved plans that will reopen the doors to cinema and more at the Hollywood Theatre!

Thank you Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio and all of the Hollywood Theatre development team, City of Vancouver, Save the Hollywood Coalition, community members and everyone who helped make this possible!  The BIA was grateful to facilitate community meetings with the proposed owners/operators, architects and community stakeholders, and be part of the consultation sessions.  There was extensive outreach and constructive dialogue about how this beloved venue can engage and benefit the community at-large.

So many people have shared their stories and memories about the Hollywood, and hopes for this arts space. We’re so excited that the show will go on… 

Click here to review plans for the revitalization of the Hollywood Theatre (3123 West Broadway) as a multi-use entertainment facility in 2019! The building owner, prospective developer and operators are committed to bringing arts, culture and entertainment to the neighbourhood.  An enhanced theatre will provide access to the arts for the local community and bring increased energy and commerce to the local business area.

To view the City of Vancouver Public Hearing meeting minutes or watch the meeting online, click here.

Read all about it:



Transit Updates



Please see the following information about the Millennium Line Broadway Extension Project, from VCC–Clark to a new station at Arbutus Street, and proposed transit extension to UBC.  We will continue to provide updates from TransLink, the City and community stakeholders as the project develops.  In addition, through the Vancouver BIA partnership – made-up of Vancouver’s 22 BIAs –  we are part of the transit committee to advocate and support small businesses, relay information and input between the business areas and transit organizations, and mitigate potential impacts to the area in future.

Statement from TransLink:

“Over the next 30 years, Metro Vancouver will welcome 1 million new residents and 600,000 new jobs. As the region grows, so do its transportation needs.

The Broadway Subway Project will be a direct extension of the existing Millennium Line. Continuing from VCC–Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 800 metres, the extension will then travel approximately 5 km beneath Broadway. The project includes 6 new stations and ends at Arbutus Street. A future phase of investment will connect rapid transit all the way to UBC’s Point Grey campus.

Rapid transit along this busy corridor has been identified as a key requirement for ensuring our region stays connected, efficient, and economically strong. TransLink, the Government of Canada and the Province of B.C. are contributing more than $9 billion in transit and transportation investments across Metro Vancouver to achieve the Mayors’ 10-year Vision. The Province committed to funding 40% of Phase Two which includes this project, rapid transit south of the Fraser and several others.

Both TransLink and the Province are the major funders for the assets they will own. TransLink is directing most of its funding towards rapid transit south of the Fraser, and B.C. is directing most of its share of funding to the Broadway Subway project.”

Visit broadwayextension.ca to subscribe to project updates and find out about future engagement opportunities.

Project links: 

City of Vancouver

TransLink 10 Year Vision

Millennium Line Broadway Extension Project 



City of Vancouver Regulation Redesign


Have you had difficulty understanding regulations for a renovation, new construction, or new space?  Do you feel like your permit process was delayed due to complex layers of requirements? The City of Vancouver launched Regulation Redesign, a comprehensive review of its land use regulations and policies to make them more user-friendly and to help streamline permit review processes.  As part of the launch, a roundtable was also hosted in November 2018 to hear experiences and identify issues from people, businesses and organizations impacted.

View the Regulation Redesign presentation which contains background information on the project key objectives.

For more information about the project or to sign up on the mailing list, click here.




A Plan and a Purpose


“A goal without a plan is just a wish!” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Based on input from businesses and initiatives since our 2011 formation, the BIA developed a strategic plan with key objectives in areas of marketing and branding, events, street enhancement and safety, member and community engagement, and advocacy.

The next step is developing an operating plan to focus on projects that will provide the greatest impact and benefit for the business area.  We will continue to provide updates and seek feedback about BIA initiatives.

Led by a passionate and dedicated group of Board volunteers, the West Broadway BIA’s purpose is:

To enhance the prosperity of our local businesses through engaging and cooperative initiatives that connect our community.

Please click here to review our strategic plan summary.  We look forward to your input and working together to put plans into action!




We Are Renewed!


Exciting projects ahead for our second 5-year term…

Great news!  The West Broadway BIA, formed in 2011, is now in it’s 2nd five year term with more resources to benefit businesses, promote and enhance the area, engage community and connect with patrons!

Over the last 5 years, with the smallest budget of 22 business areas, we have resourcefully implemented valuable initiatives, including: street lighting, street cleaning, banners, directory brochure, merchant promotions, events, social media, business updates, advocacy  (business permits, commercial tax levels) and community partnerships.  Our new budget and renewal term spans from 2016 to 2021.

We held a planning session with local businesses and organizations and received valuable input for our strategic plan to kick off the next five years of local enhancements!  Please click here for the meeting notes.




Business Mixers – Let’s Connect!


Networking / Refreshments / Business Tips:

Meet, learn, and most importantly, have some fun in a local venue! Our annual West Broadway Business Mixers include a “What’s new on Broadway” event, the Annual General Meeting and more.

In addition to connecting with local merchants and community partners, we’ll also provide updates on what’s happening in the business area.  Learn about  projects to benefit your business, including street enhancements, events and advocating for issues facing small businesses.   Last but not least, enjoy local eats and treats, libations included!  Stay tuned for the next networking event in future email updates.


Also, check out the monthly Kitsilano Business Leaders Meetup, every 2nd Thursday of the month.  Kick start the morning with an inspirational group of biz leaders and valuable tips for pro and personal development.  As a community partner, we provide local merchant door prizes and sponsors refreshments throughout the year.  Meet, Treats, Repeat!




Promote Your Business For Free


Tell us about your business (an event, story or item of interest) and promote your business for free!

Send info and images to info@kitsonbroadway.com.

We’ll post news and events online, and via Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and more.

We want to spread the word about your business and what’s happening on West Broadway!







Participate! Ideas > Input > Action 🎬






We Welcome Your Input & Involvement!

The West Broadway BIA Board Members are local business and property owners, and dedicated volunteers. Board meetings are held monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 6:30pm.

To participate, attend a meeting, or to provide feedback and for more info, please contact us.





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