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The Cost Of Doing Business

The Cost Of Doing Business

Important research to help inform strategy in Vancouver’s new Business and Economy Office.

Vancouver’s BIA Partnership and Downtown Vancouver BIA are partnering with LOCO BC to quantify and assess recent changes in the cost of doing business in Vancouver.

This research will identify pain points for businesses within the City of Vancouver’s jurisdiction and help inform strategy in Vancouver’s new Business and Economy Office.

All information you provide is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.  Your business will not be named in the report


If your business is in the retail, restaurant, consumer service or office sector, and has been in the same location for 5 years, please participate in any way below.  If less than 5 years, please complete the short 15-minute survey.

We are looking for as much of the following information as possible/applicable:

Your business costs for 2018 and 2023

  • Gross Revenue
  • Total Payroll (including owner profit/wages, benefits)
  • Cost of Employer Health Tax (if applicable), Sick days and Holiday pay
  • Any additional costs to train, attract/retain employees
  • Building Costs (lease, property tax, common area costs, insurance, security)
  • Insurance and Utility Costs (water/sewer, waste, hydro, gas)
  • Other Costs (credit card processing, delivery)


  • Change in Cost of Goods Sold costs
  • Other Issues Impacting Your Business

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Robinson, Executive Director at LOCO BC, 604-351-1664, amy@locobc.com.

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