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Amplify Local: Enriching Our BC Buy Local Initiatives

Amplify Local: Enriching Our BC Buy Local Initiatives

This year, LOCO BC is excited to expand BC Buy Local efforts through the BC Amplify Local campaign. The primary goal of this campaign is to impart valuable business education, foster engagement, and incentivize businesses to prioritize local sourcing and procurement practices.

Through this campaign, we anticipate the following outcomes and impacts:
1. Increased local procurement: Encourage businesses in British Columbia to increase their
local procurement, contributing to the growth of local businesses.
2. Economic growth: By stimulating local business activities, job creation, and revenue for local suppliers, the campaign is projected to generate approximately double the economic value.
3. Community resilience: Foster stronger local supply chains, reduce dependence on
external sources and increase the resilience of British Columbia’s economy.
4. Environmental benefits: Contribute to sustainable practices and combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation.


Workshops will:

– Educate on Supply Chain Localization: Gain insights into the impact of localized supply chains.

– Offer Educational Resources: Understand the positive economic, social, and environmental implications of supporting local businesses.

– Support Community Impact Assessment: offer support for community impact assessment.

– Foster Networking Opportunities: Engage businesses with both B2C and B2B local counterparts.

For more info visit bcbuylocal.com or to get involved visit the links below. 

Loco BC Slack Channel

Business Engagement Form

Workshop Sign-Up & Details

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