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A Unique Physio and Rehab Clinic Just Opened in Kitsilano!

A Unique Physio and Rehab Clinic Just Opened in Kitsilano!

A unique physio and rehab clinic just opened serving the community of Kitsilano and Greater Vancouver. 

At Seven Summits Rehab and Health, you will see an amalgamation of nature and Japanese influences throughout the clinic from our rehab model to the clinic motto to the aesthetics. We focus on a whole-body sensorial experience targeting the seven senses of the body through both treatment and the clinic environment. 

Some highlights of this sensorial experience, which is aimed at creating a calming and de-stressing effect for the mind and body, include their signature scent of therapeutic essential oils that are diffused throughout the clinic, a variety of music genres in low hertz playing in the treatment rooms, complimentary specially blended healthy water infusions for after an active session, minimalistic Japanese design with nods to nature, and a variety of health-promoting plants. As such, along with expert physio advice, you will leave the clinic feeling relaxed and enlightened with new knowledge about your body mechanics and any injuries you may have. 


Seven Summits Rehab and Health work with acute injuries, chronic issues, those that would like a second opinion due to the lack of improvement, or those that are focused on improving their current capabilities with set goals in mind. They have the skills and tools to approach injury complaints and complicated health concerns from a wider viewpoint, as we take the whole body into consideration. 

Seven Summits Rehab and Health specialize in the following areas: 

  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Gait Scanning and Orthotics
  • Strength / Conditioning
  • TPI Golf Assessments 
  • Climbing Rehab / Injuries 


Direct billing to the major insurance companies is available.

“We look forward to working with you on your health and well-being goals and are excited to welcome you into our new space!”

Seven Summits Rehab and Health

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