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Retail Community Contributions Survey

Retail Community Contributions Survey

We are inviting you to complete a very important retail survey from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). Your responses to this survey will help them calculate how much of each dollar spent at businesses like yours stays local.

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CFIB is working with LOCO BC and Civic Economics who previously calculated that 63 cents in a dollar spent at independent BC retailers stays local, compared to only 14 cents of a dollar spent at online giants and big businesses. The results of this new survey will provide a national ‘stays local’ number, as well as regional numbers across Canada, to help us champion shopping local.

Please be assured that all individual responses will be confidential and will only be reported as a total. Your business will remain anonymous.

Survey topics:

  • Standard business profiling questions
  • Your financial contributions, like payroll, payments for business expenses in the province, etc. Tip:rough estimates are fine
  • Other community contributions, like donating goods or services
  • Your experience with big business competition and showroom shopping

If you are a CFIB member and have already taken this survey: thank you! There is no need to take it again.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into completing this survey. Your voice has an impact!

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