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Ace Cycles

stars-ace-cycles Ace Cycles
Owners: Jan Atkinson, George Inglis & Shay Inglis
Year Established: 1946

Founded by Lorne Atkinson, Ace Cycles was born from a love of cycling. A celebrated cyclist and talented mechanic, it was a natural fit for Lorne to take over an existing bike shop on West Broadway and make it his own. He loved the Kits neighbourhood so much he decided to move his family there. “We all love the natural beauty and the welcoming neighbourhood of Kits” says Lorne’s daughter, Jan Atkinson.

Speaking of family, through the years Lorne’s wife Evie, father-in-law “Pop”, brother Ray, son Dan & daughter-in-law Val, daughter Jan & son-in-law George, nephew Mike, and grandchildren Brian, Leanne and Shay have all worked in the shop! The family thread doesn’t stop with the staff; many of their customers are not just first, but second and third generation Ace Cycles patrons who have fond memories of their first bikes being bought from the Kitsilano staple.

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