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Linda’s Urban Spa

stars-lindas-urban-spa-204x383Linda’s Urban Spa
Owners: John & Linda Magdic
Year Established: 1986

Linda and her life and business partner John have grown, adapted and flourished through the growth of a city and the rise in popularity of cosmetic services. “It’s an extremely transient industry,” says Linda, “but we’re still here. We’ve lasted through three recessions.” What’s the secret? “Trust,” says John. “We want to gain the client’s trust, and that happens over time.” It’s an ethic of patience — of taking the time to get to know their customers as people rather than just as clients.

Linda and John stress the differences between their practice and that of many of the newer businesses that have popped up of late. “A lot of these places are ‘in-out’ — very quick service, very practically focused,” says Linda, who sees her spa as a social space and a place for relaxation rather than just a quick stop for personal care services. “We want to build a real relationship with our clients and our community.”








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