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Noah’s Pet Ark


Noah’s Pet Ark
Graham White
Year Established: 1981

Noah’s Pet Ark has been connecting people with the perfect pet since 1981. Graham has years of knowledge and experience and enjoys helping new customers enrich their lives by introducing them to a well-suited companion. When he took over from previous owners he got to know our Kitsilano Community. “There has always been a great mix of people from researchers to hobbyists, from toddler’s to seniors – from all walks of life. Over time I have seen many children grow to bring their own kids in to the shop. It’s a wonderful thing!”

During their decades in the neighbourhood, Noah’s Pet Ark has not only made countless connections but has also supported local kids who grew up as customers and later were hired on to work at the Ark. What’s his secret to longevity? “Enjoy what you do! If you find yourself working without ‘watching the clock’, that’s probably a sign that you are in the right business.”

His customers seem to share the same enjoyment; one perfectly pointed out ‘I don’t have to have pets, I have them because I like them, keeping them should be fun.’

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